Technology stirred with pop culture muddled with history and philosophy and garnished with a bit of the absurd

My pledge in starting this site is to produce quality pieces of writing, including original pieces and high quality linked pieces.  I strive to have no junk, crud, or rubbish on my site.  I want VintageZen to be a clean and compelling site that readers will want to visit on a regular basis.

I require nothing of my readers except to read my posts and maybe think about them for a few moments afterwards.  If you would like to keep reading future posts, please add a bookmark to my site , or stick it in your RSS reader, or follow me on Twitter.  Maybe share any article you find particularly good with a few friends.   

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Linus Edwards

  • I am a writer
  • I was born in the 80s
  • I live in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • I have an internal debate over whether physical books are superior to e-books
  • I sometimes run half-marathons
  • I enjoy hard spirits on occasion
  • I have a wife
  • I love to take naps



Feel free to contact me about anything, I greatly enjoy getting reader feedback. I will respond, even if it’s just a few words.