The average day for a typical nurse practitioner is a busy one. The scope of responsibilities this medical professional faces when serving his or her patients is wide as he/ she routinely makes diagnoses, initiates referrals, orders testing and prescribes medications. Any nurse practitioner with an iPhone can download a few apps onto their mobile device so they’re able to obtain all the medical information they need.  Here are five very useful apps any nurse practitioner can use to make their job easier from day to day.

Medscape WebMD

This very popular app provides specialists, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and other health professionals the internet’s most robust and integrated medical information and educational tools. Following a simple, one-time, free registration, Medscape WebMD will automatically deliver a personalized specialty site that best matches your profile.

One of the best features of Medscape WebMD is original, professional medical content which includes review articles, journal commentary, book reviews and patient education articles. This app also provides comprehensive conference coverage wherein leaders in the medical community summarize key data and presentations from major medical conferences. The app also includes the web’s first primary-source medical journal – The Medscape from WebMD Journal of Medicine.

Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

This app can be used to access hundreds of detailed test descriptions so that the best care possible is provided to patients before, during and after procedures. The app describes how to prepare the patient for a given test as well as how to properly collect the appropriate specimen. It also informs the user as to what the possible diagnoses are for an abnormal test result. In short, Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests is the ideal companion for a nurse practitioner as it offers recommendations on pre-test requirements, testing procedures and post-test care.

Skyscape Medical Resources Review

The Skyscape Medical Resource app is used by millions of healthcare professionals to access the medical resources they know and trust at the point of care. This invaluable app helps the nurse practitioner find the correct answers to their questions every time and right away. The app is loaded with medical resources, drug info, medical calculators and clinical information on hundreds of topics. You are able to buy any of over 6000 premium resources in dozens of medical specialties and access them all from this one app. The resources used in this app are continuously updated to provide you with the confidence of knowing you have the most up-to-date information available at your fingertips.


Epocrates is a commonly used smartphone app among physicians in the United States. With this app, you are provided with quick and easy access to drug, disease and diagnostic information including point-of-care. It is loaded with thousands of drugs. For the nurse practitioner on the go, this very useful app can help enable improved overall patient care by delivering the right information when it’s needed. Nurse practitioners routinely use this app to review drug prescribing and safety info and to check for potentially harmful drug to drug interactions for up to 30 drugs at a time. It also can be used to perform a range of calculations such as Body Mass Index and Glomerular Filtration Rate and allows you to quickly access up-to-date medical news and research information.

Nursing Central 

Nursing Central allows one to access detailed information on diseases, tests and medical procedures. With this app, a nurse practitioner can use the vast database to find drug information or to search among over 17 million journal articles. The app contains practical guidelines for nursing diagnoses and patient care. It also offers the patented Glimpse technology to help define words in-text and provides the user with pictures, illustrations, videos, tables and dictionary pronunciations.

These are just a few of the many useful apps being used today by students in nurse practitioner schools and in the field by licensed healthcare professionals of all types. For more information about nurse practitioner schools, click here. Being able to easily and quickly access a virtually endless amount of information right on one’s handset has proven invaluable in improving overall patient care and treatment.

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Cindy Wilson is a registered nurse. She writes extensively on health and family.