Vaping is becoming popular every year. The industry has grown to a whopping 22 billion dollars, and it’s showing no signs of stopping any time soon. But why is vaping so popular?

Some people start vaping because it’s a much safer alternative to smoking, while others do it because it’s trendy and cool. Let’s explore this topic in detail and see the top reasons people start vaping.

It’s safer than smoking!

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that affects both the smoker and the people around them. Smoking became unacceptable by most of society, so many smokers switch to vaping. The latter practice is much safer, and there’s a direct link between smokers and vapers. As the number of smokers goes down, the number of vapers goes up.

Vaping is far safer than smoking. Some studies concluded that it’s 95% safer than smoking because your mouth and throat are not exposed to direct heat. Also, e-juices only have nicotine inside, without all of the other toxic substances found in tobacco.

If you’re a passionate smoker, you should think about switching to vaping as soon as possible.

Vaping is cheaper than smoking!

Governments from all over the globe are always looking for new ways to deter people from ever becoming smokers. They put photos of damaged organs on cigarette boxes, and they print all kinds of warnings hoping to make people quit.

One of the methods used to cut down on the number of smokers is the price of cigarettes. In 1980, a pack of high-quality cigarettes was about $2 – today, it’s between 18 and 30 bucks! That means that if you smoke a pack a day, you spend about $500 on cigarettes every month. And that’s without counting other accessories like lighters, ashtrays, and so on.

While vaporizers might seem expensive with three-digit price tags, they are far cheaper in the long-run. When compared to smoking, vaping is ten times cheaper on a monthly basis.

All you need is some e-juice and an occasional replacement part for your e-cigarette. But when you consider everything, vaping is much cheaper.

The beauty of E-juices

With so many online vape shops popping up all the time, you will get access to hundreds of different E-liquid flavors.

Smokers prefer tobacco flavored liquids, while teens love fruity flavors. Many companies make these liquids, and all of them are trying hard to find new flavors for people to enjoy.

You’ll be able to find regular flavors like strawberry, watermelon, lemon/lime, chocolate, but there are some crazier ones like custard flavors, cherry cola, and so on. Every flavor has a distinctive taste that is, well, something else. Visit and find the best e-juices on the market.

No distinctive tobacco odor

Anyone who ever smoked knows about that distinctive cigarette smell that’s hard to shake off. That’s the thing smokers are recognizable for, as the smoke is impossible to miss.

Every time you smoke, the odor gets into your clothes, home, car, pretty much everywhere. Some people find it so repulsive that they can’t stand sitting next to a smoker for more than a few seconds.

Well, you can forget about all that if you switch to vaping. Since e-juices don’t have any toxic elements, the vapor doesn’t have a bad smell. Some people like the smell of vapor and most people won’t have a problem if you start vaping in front of them.

So, if you want to eliminate nasty odor, switch to vaping.

It’s a lot of fun

Vaping has quickly evolved into a fun hobby for many people. There are all kinds of vape tricks you can learn, and they work great at parties and gatherings. New vaporizers and equipment are also being released all the time, allowing you to experiment with different parts.

Some people get a kick from dismantling and rebuilding their vapors with custom features. It’s a fun way of spending free time, and it gives a great subject to talk about when you find yourself among other vapers.

It’s a social thing!

Traditional cigarettes are not socially acceptable anymore. More and more people see smoking as a dangerous habit that puts everyone’s health at risk. If you’re a smoker, you can’t enjoy a cigarette in public areas and closed spaces, which can severely impact your social life. 

Vaping, on the other hand, doesn’t cause any health issues and is not followed by that foul odor that follows smokers. That means that you can enjoy vaping whenever and wherever you want without offending anyone.

Vaping is the future!

Vaping is still a new practice that will see a lot of improvements in the future. If you’re a smoker and can’t survive without nicotine, you should consider switching to vaping because it’s much safer and convenient.