The Internet age and the rise in popularity of smartphones and mobile devices has changed many aspects of daily life. But one thing the average person has always loved, regardless of the technology involved, is a deal. That said, the era of coupon clipping is long gone. What has taken the place of the newspaper and magazine coupons are websites that scour the furthest reaches of cyberspace looking for any and all ecommerce deals around. With that in mind here is our list of the best free shopping deal apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Yes, there are many sites that aggregate discounts and special offers throughout the web, which can make it a little tough for the average bargain hunter to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

So in the interest of showcasing only the most worthy of deal sites, here are a few free mobile apps that smartphone-owning discount addicts should find extremely helpful.

Amazon – iOS/Android/Windows Phone/BlackBerry

The ecommerce giant now has its own app, and it gives Amazon addicts their shopping fix while on the go. The app offers a number of convenient features, including one-tap purchases, deal news and a bar-code scanner that allow users to check product prices.

Dealnews – i0S/Android

dealnews appFor some time, has been a popular spot for those looking for discounts on everything from earrings to Caribbean cruises. Now, with the Dealnews app, fans of the site can access all of its offers right from the palms of their hands. More than that, the app offers price alerts that notify the user anytime a favorite item drops in price. This is also a useful option for those who want up-to-the-minute info on Black Friday deals.



Shop Savvy — iOS/Android/Windows Phone

shop savvy appEven in today’s Internet age, it is still necessary to occasionally do one’s shopping in the old-timey brick-and-mortar establishments of yesteryear. Intrepid shoppers who don’t mind braving the elements in order to complete their transaction will likely find Shop Savvy to be of great help. This app comes equipped with an integrated bar-code scanner that allows the user to simply scan any item found on the shelf and in turn receive price comparisons from other stores and online. Users can also make purchases through the app from major stores such as Target and Best Buy.

The Coupons App — iOS/Android

This very popular and straightforward option provides users with online coupons and little else. Those who want to forgo bells and whistles in favor of quick and efficient searches on discounts will get a lot of use out of this app. It’s also a great resource in which to find free giveaways and comparisons on gas prices.

Decide – iOS

This iPhone app takes the guesswork out of when, exactly, the right time may be to purchase that hot new electronic device. Decide was borne out of the idea there are few things worse than buying a new camera or MP3 player only to find out it is on offer someplace else a few days later for less money. Decide offers comparisons and price predictions that should pint the user to right place in which to buy a particular electronic device and at just the right time.

Those who can’t get enough online shopping will likely find their hunger for deals sated after using even one of the above options. Those who install all five should be kept busy for the foreseeable future with discounts and giveaways galore.