To enjoy non-stop music on your iPad or iPhones, you could download some popular music streaming apps from the iTunes store. This article is the collection of free apps that will make your music listening experience better.

Slacker is an amazing radio station app, with which you could listen to your favorite music based on genre, song, and artist. Moreover, you could rate a song, add music to your playlist and perform many other tasks. It helps you to fine tune your station according to your convenience. The latest version of Slacker features a more interactive station named ESPN radio. You need not pay a dime to download this app.

Benefits of using Rdio software

Rdio is downloaded by most of the iPad users these days. It consists of more than 18 million songs that are updated on a weekly basis. This is a totally free application exclusively designed for your iPad. Songza consists of every kind of music that suits your mood and taste. It includes songs for a birthday party, a romantic date, family get together, girls’ night out, friends and for other situations. Different music experts have created this playlist for the users.

Tuneln Radio Pro is an amazing application for those who like streaming music. This software provides you more than 70k live radio stations. You could listen to your favorite music and record it to your iPad conveniently. Other specialties of Tuneln include podcasts, 2 million shows and an array of concerts.

MOG offers the users plenty of tracks in it catalogue. It takes few minutes to download this app to your iPad. The best part of using it is that it supports different music formats including mp3, aac, ogg to name a few.

The below mentioned features make it better over others:

  • Wireless hotspots
  • High quality of audio
  • It streams the music faster for the users

If you are in search of an application that provides you the best video quality along with best streaming music, you have reached the right place. Dezer HD App for iPad is efficient in serving your purpose. By using this software, you could access music genre like jazz, rock, hip hop and much more.

You could download the exclusively designed Goom Radio App for iPad without spending anything. It allows you to connect to various stations including FOE, Just Hits, Zang radio, Tastemaker to name a few.

Some of the below mentioned features make this app stand out in the crowd:

  • Notifications to keep you up to date with the latest happenings like info about your favorite singer, upcoming events and much more
  • It takes a fraction of a second to start
  • You could easily control the playback buttons

Download ZumoCast app to stream your favorite music through a wireless connection or 3G. File formats supported by Zumo include mpeg4, mp3, Divx to name a few. Many other similar apps are available in the market. You could conduct a proper survey before downloading the software.

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