How to Unblock Hulu

As of 2020, Hulu, the American online company and ad-supported streaming service was blocked to all other regions besides Japan, the USA and its overseas territories. The block is facilitated by IP address location meaning anyone with an IP address outside these locations cannot access Hulu to watch the numerous TV shows, movies and HD episodes that Hulu has to offer. However, if you are one of the millions of Hulu TV show fans out there, you can still watch your favorite shows by unblocking Hulu.

You can bypass regional restrictions by using a Smart DNS proxy service. The Smart DNS Proxy service reroutes data requests through US based proxy servers when you try to connect to Hulu from your device. It simply fools the website that you are located in the US when you are actually not.

Use A Smart DNS proxy For Unblocking Hulu

Hulu is a geo-blocked website that can be easily unblocked through bypassing these IP regional restrictions. It is quite simple for anyone to install and set up smart DNS technology on any computing device that is connected to the internet. You can sign up for a free smart DNS account online. You will need to change the settings on your DNS device to match that of your provider. It may sound complicated but the program comes with simple and easy to follow instructions for setting up the Smart DNS on devices such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, smart TVs and even internet capable game consoles.

Why VPNs do not work With Unblocking

Some people have attempted to use Virtual Private Network services in the past to unblock and stream content from Hulu. However, Hulu has since upgraded its systems and is able to identify any outdated VPN technology that automatically blocks users outside the Hulu regions that try to access the website using VPNs.

Other options

There are a couple of other ways you can unblock Hulu programming including using the Hola Unblocker. This free web extension is available on popular browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. You can use the Hola blocker with your regular VPN connection to maintain privacy too. The unblocker acts as a full securely encrypts your data instead of working as a simple proxy. Although this is a free extension it has many drawbacks, namely being slow servers during high traffic times and limited connections.

A better solution would be to use something like TNT Stream Unblocker which is a software client (for windows) and there is also a Chrome add-on that can be used on any OS. This is a simple 1-click tool that will connect you to the fastest server in the country you want. Then all you do is connect to Hulu and enjoy the streams.

Alternatively, you can use a dedicated IP address from some VPN providers who will give your own personal IP address that have not been banned by Hulu. This service is quite costly and poses a bit of privacy challenge since only one persona is using the IP making it easier to identify everything that the user does on the internet. Renting a VPS for your own US IP address set up can do the same thing; it is much more expensive and has several other disadvantages.

The final option is to use a commercial VPN who has done the extensive legwork to getting around the DNS detections that are currently being implmented by Hulu. This is done in various ways and we invite you to see our full review of VPN providers that currently still work with getting around Hulu blocks over here at our VPN for Hulu & Netflix review.

Hopefully, you will be able to access Hulu programming through these fixes. You may need to try a couple of options before you wind one that works great for you. Remember to choose software from reputable sources if you want to get the best results.