Angry Birds is one of the largest gaming franchises that the world has ever seen. Created by Rovio Entertainment of Finland in 1999, this game mixes superb animation, comical appeal, and an extremely minuscule price to become the largest game app on iOS. There are a total of more than 2 million downloads so far, with the game being immensely popular on Android, Symbian, and the PC operating systems too. Recently, in 2010, the franchise created a social media compatible version of the game, making it one of the most popular games played on Facebook.

How the games were developed

Angry Birds is a simple concept. There are wingless birds that hide in wooden and glass covered houses, which need to be killed with slingshot stones thrown at them. The trajectory and the force of the shot determine whether the house is broken and the birds are killed or not. These birds are given a fierce look, making them ‘angry birds’. The birds needed an enemy too, and the group had to scout around for a worthy enemy, which the makers decided would be the ‘swine’ thanks to the swine flu epidemic they were grappling with at that time.

The reception

Angry Birds was an instant hit courtesy of the animatronics that were at the time one of the latest trends. The game was voted the ‘runaway success of 2010’ and claimed the top spot for the most downloaded game of the Apple Apps in UK around that time. There was just one single version, ‘the Poached Eggs’ released, available only on Apple OS, after the success of which there were more than ten themes additionally released. On an average, there are more than 5 million users logged on to the app from various corners of the world.

Future editions

After the massive success of the basic Angry Birds series, the makers created a variety of complimentary and special editions based on the festive theme. There was Haunted Hogs and Trick or Treats, based on the Halloween theme, Season’s Greedings and Winter Wonderham, based on the Christmas theme, and a couple of games that were exotically themed like the Year of the Dragon, with Chinese influences and Cherry Blossom with Japanese influences. This edition was successful on a large scale too, much like the original series.


There were subsequent editions that contained influences from major movies, the Star Wars, and space too. Angry Birds Rio, based on the major blockbuster Hollywood movie Rio, the Angry Birds Space, where there were new planets and stars introduced, the Angry Birds Star Wars, based on the Star War series, and the very recent 2012 edition of the series, the Bad Piggies, where you can play the game from the swine’s point of view were introduced that upped the game’s ante tremendously.

In conclusion

With its immense success on almost every possible virtual gaming platform – smart phones, tablets, social networking sites, and gaming consoles – Angry Birds is truly one of the best gaming apps at cheap rates invented. The popularity of the game is so immense and there are even more exciting versions being planned so all we can say is, fans keep your fingers crossed for more.

Phil Turner plans to buy an Android tablet so he can play Angry Birds himself.