Incorporating the ideal fitness app into your lifestyle can help kick your gym workout routine up a notch, accurately track the number of calories you burn while exercising at home or boost your speed, strength and stamina on the running trail.

Here is a rundown of the top five fitness apps on the market for your iphone:

1. GAIN Fitness

gain-fitnessThis app is designed to act as your own personal trainer, creating a variety of customized workout routines based on your level of conditioning, time constraints and fitness goals. A unique element of the app is its audio cue f

eature, which provides motivational speeches as well as rhythmic tones to guide you through sets and reps. It also includes a calendar complete with reminders of when it is time to work out and the type of exercise scheduled. The basic app is free, but options are offered to purchase specific workout plans such as improving lower body strength, building bigger biceps or exploring yoga techniques.

2. Lose It! By FitNow

This free app serves as a useful tracking device for exercise enthusiasts who are also watching what they eat. It seamlessly combines a calorie counter that adds up the amount of calories you consume and compares it to the number of calories you burn while doing various forms of exercise. Its built-in food library allows you to enter information by brand name or by generic category, such as orange juice or roasted chicken. Calories are tracked by the day and by the week, allowing you to check at a glance whether you have exceeded your allotment of calories for a particular time period.

3. RunKeeper

This free app meticulously tracks a wide range of statistics based on each run you complete, allowing you to chart your progress over time. An audio feature provides an encouraging voice that chimes in once every five minutes during a run to report the latest information on your distance and rate of speed. A selection of customizable training plans allows you focus on specific goals such as boosting your heart rate, aiming to cover longer distances or trimming seconds off the time of your standard distance run. RunKeeper Pro, for advanced users, is $9.99.

4. Pocket Yoga

If you cannot make it to the studio for your yoga class, rely on this $2.99 app to keep in practice at your home or office. The app guides you through a complete yoga session, step by step and position by position. It is like having a personal yoga instructor with you wherever you go.

5. Hundred Pushups

Hundred PushupsThis $0.99 app is an optimal choice for anyone attempting to achieve a goal of doing 100 consecutive pushups. The app’s timetable is based on a training regimen that lasts six weeks, tracking the number of pushups completed each day as well as cumulatively throughout the program. It is adjustable to suit your fitness level, age and preferred rest period between sets.
This article was written by the team at Orbit Fitness the treadmill experts in Western Australia.