Event planning is not only crucial to many businesses; it is also big business in its own right. This is according to surveys that show there are thousands of event planning positions in developed countries throughout the world. Indeed, many of these professionals have years of experience and a college degree specializing in hospitality. But modern technology – especially the smartphone and app revolution – has made it so the average person can plan a party or event like a pro.

Even if the even in question is for a large organization, such as an insurance firm or medical facility, there are apps that can help amateur planners negotiate the logistics of setting up an important event. And because there are so many event-planning apps kicking around cyber space, this list aims to keep things simple (and cheap) by focusing on the best free options.


Evite appThe gold standard in online party planning, Evite now has an app based on its popular website. The app gives users a veritable Swiss army knife of tools in which to help them plan parties, events and functions. The user of this app creates their own event site from scratch using the app’s library of templates and designs. The app also takes care of all guest details by sending out invitations and allowing invitees to RSVP. This app is perfect for planning everything from a small backyard  BBQ to a company Christmas party.


Meetup appThe website Meetup.com allows users across the globe to form group networks in order to work on projects or attend meetings. The website’s app is ideal for event planners who want to not only keep track of guests but who want to disseminate information about the event in an efficient manner. Meetup also allows the user to manage their groups with calendars, schedules, meetings, member info, mailing lists, blog postings and photos.


Punchbowl appThis app is perfect for those looking for help with every phase of the party-building process. Not only does this app handle online invitations in much the same manner as Evite does, but it also provides crucial vendor information. In fact, once the user inputs enough party info into the app, a selection of potential vendors appears in a list. And with an ever-growing database of party suppliers and vendors, those using Punchbowl needn’t run frantically from place to place looking for the appropriate stemware or the ideal catering company. To this end, this app is useful for events big and small – from weddings to conferences.


pinggThis is another invitation-based app, but it handles the entire guest list as well. Users can design and send out customized event invitations right from the interface – and there is even the option of having them hand delivered. Pingg also works in conjunction with Google Maps and can even manage online ticketing through the event’s own website.


Whereevent appThis app also deals with logistics, as its sole purpose is to provide local event info in as straightforward a manner as possible. Users can update event info as well as add links to directions and schedules. And because Wherevent is geared towards offline event, it’s perfect for updating crucial information regarding corporate meetings or conferences.

These are just a few free apps ideal for those stressing out about an upcoming event or party. And while these options should be relevant for some time to come, there are likely even more mobile apps on the horizon geared towards facilitating the event-planning process.

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