One of the most disappointing aspects of streaming sites is geolocation restrictions. This simply means that you are unable to access streaming sites due to the fact that your country is not authorized to view. Good news is that you can easily get around this by the use of VPN services. Getflix is one of the most common Start DNS services that use VPN services to hide IPs and provide privacy. The fact of the matter is that streaming sites are one of the best ways to enjoy entertainment whether movies, music or series on the internet. The programming is also more up to date compared to Pay TV services that cost a hefty sum to use every month. Streaming will cost a minimal fee which is one of the reasons why it is a favorite method for many. The only real cost when it comes to streaming is your internet service provider. But you can always get a good deal with this depending on your local rates.


Getflix is based in Australia and provides a number of packages that a client can choose from. One of the best aspects of this service is that you get a 14-day trial to test the VPN. You will then have to decide on whether you will keep the subscription or whether you will quit and choose another. The pricing strategy comes with an incentive if you like their Facebook page. The basic package will cost $3.95 monthly with a 14-day trial, no need for a credit card sign up and a secure billing method. This package can go for as low as 3.95 if you like the Getflix Facebook page. The second package will cost $11.26 for three full months. You also get a 14-day trial, no credit card sign up and a secure PayPal and credit card billing methods. You also get to pay $ 9.58 if you like their Facebook page. The last billing method will come with the same perks for $21.33 and $18.14 for 6 months if you like their Facebook page.

You also get to enjoy a 25% discount if you own more than one account.


Getflix uses smart DNS which enables it to work much faster than VPN. The users will also be able to access all streaming sites from all over the world without any locational restrictions. They also get to pick more than 20 regions including USA and UK. The service comes with great customer service that allows you to get help whether installing or using the service. There is no additional installations of software. The service also runs well in a wide range of devices.

Devices used

The DNS service works on a number of devices ranging from Windows and other browsers, iOS devices, Apple TV, Roku, PS3/PS4, Wii U, XBOX 360, WD TV live, Nintendo Wii and Smart TVs.


DNS services are totally safe for use. They also do not have log-ons which means that they cannot be tracked at any point. Any interception of the data is completely unreadable to the hackers or government because going through the DNS tunnel is also not an easy task for hackers. Getflix does not force any subscriber to submit personal information. The subscriber has an option to provide as little information about themselves as possible. The only downside to this is that you may not get very good support. The provision of any details is kept confidential by the service provider. Users that give more details have their queries attended to faster. They also get to enjoy more benefits and freebies that come with using the service. The level of privacy you choose is completely optional at this point. Providing personal information is also a good way for Getflix to improve on its services.


The website is heavily reliable. It is also easy to sign in with your details and get access to the billing section. This will also be a matter of your choice as you can pick the 14 day trial to start with. The menu bar is easy to access with easy to access buttons. The website also comes with a lot of information and a good FAQs sheet that will help you along. The customer care support is also very helpful ensuring that you get what you need in good time. The installation steps are also explained for most devices making the whole experience a walk in the park.

The fact that the website is also helpful means that you will not have to bother the customer care desk much. The FAQs provide an endless list of the most commonly asked questions for your use. The interface is also good looking.

getflix-priceSpeed test

One of the most amazing aspects of Getflix is that streaming is directly routed to you. It is only in rare cases that you will be redirected to their DNS servers. The speed is not affected even in these circumstances. Video streams from Netflix and Hulu are not taken through and kind of re-routing. This ensures that the speeds are completely fast and reliable. The re-routed addresses are not slowed down in any way. The DNS servers maintain high speeds in all these situations. This makes it easy for you to use the services from any point of the world using Wi-Fi. It is a perfect way to travel with family without the fear of missing cable in the rooms. You will be able to access all your favorite programming through a simple Wi-Fi connection.


Getflix is an awesome service for DNS. The fact that you will get a free trial worth 14 days is an added bonus. You will not be getting out of the plan after this. The pricing is also economical with something for everyone. The incentives that come with joining their Facebook fan page are ideal if you are looking for slashed prices.

The website is helpful with great customer support all through the day. You also get easy access to the VPN service.