The HELO TC helicopter and the HELO TC Assult by Griffin are one of the more popular devices that can be controlled from your iPhone or Android device, this little gadget can be described with one single word: fun. Part of the whole fun that the HELO TC represents is in the way you control it, and this is achieved through an app installed in your mobile device. This app is designed to fit everyone’s needs, experts and newbies, left and right-handed, and more.

In order to help you have fun with this new gadget, I want to take you in a step by step guide about what can you find in the app and how to use it for your own advantage, this in the end will help you to improve the way you use the HELO TC. In this simple but useful article I want to show you the easiness to control this flying toy and at the same time, help you get the most out of this fantastic app that is very intuitive to use and well designed. In the next lines I would like to show you each feature in detail so you can have total confidence when using this marvelous toy.

A screen by screen detailed guide of the HELO TC helicopter for you to use

The HELO TC app is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; and on Android Market for Android devices. Once you download the app into your mobile device and load it, a message with a preflight checklist will pop up, and what this message tells you is the setup required to use your HELO TC helicopter and make it fly properly, so be sure to follow these simple instructions before flying your new gadget and hit the “Let’s Fly” button in the bottom right corner.

  • HELO TC App

    HELO TC App

    The flight Screen: This is the first screen that you can see; it’s formed by 3 columns that will be used to drive your remote control device. Based on the image at the right you will find the throttle control to the left, a menu at the middle, and the joystick, trim and light controls to the right. Notice that this is an image with the expert mode off (this and other features will be described later).

  • Throttle: This sliding bar will help to control the power of the motor in your HELO TC, it is very sensitive and the best way to use it is to slide your finger slowly from the bottom to a position where you see that the helicopter starts to fly. A moment ago I mentioned the expert mode, which is off the first time you open the app, this is used to prevent that too much power is applied to the motors when you are learning to use this toy the first time. To quickly cut power to your helicopter, simply swipe the throttle down.
  • Information bar: Up in the middle of the flight screen a small status bar can be seen, here and from left to  right it is displayed the following:
    • HELO TC connection status
    • Flight mode: motion or joystick
    • Expert mode: on/off
    • Channel: A, B or C
  • Flight Plans: By swiping up the flight plans button three more buttons with a red circle in the middle are displayed, each button is a flight plan to record and store your favorite maneuvers and tricks.  A record button indicates an empty slot and a play button indicates a full slot. You can simply format a flight plan by touching and holding the button of the flight plan that you want no more.
  • HELO TC App

    HELO TC App Settings Top

    Settings: The settings screen allows you to change the way you fly the HELO TC helicopter.

    • Channel: Choose one of three channels to control your helicopter.
    • Flight mode: Use the motion mode to control the HELO TC helicopter by tilting your mobile device, and use joystick to move the toy using the joystick in the flight screen.
    • Type of helicopter: Griffin released two versions of HELO TC, the HELO TC helicopter and the HELO TC Assault, and depending on which one you are using you should select your toy.
    • Invert pitch control: This will add a challenge to your flight experience, enable this option to reverse the direction in the joystick required to make your helicopter move forward and backward.
    • Throttle on right: HELO TC helicopter is made to adapt both left-handed and right-handed people, also enable this option to make your flight experience more challenging.
    • HELO TC App

      HELO TC App Settings Bottom

      Expert: By turning this feature on the throttle will go unrestricted and now you will be able to apply full power to the rotor in the HELO TC helicopter.

    • Help: A great guide with details about your gadget is available here, click on the top right button of help to know more about your toy.
    • Ready: Click this button in the bottom right corner of the settings screen to return to flight screen.
  • Emergency landing: This button will allow you to perform an emergency landing in case you need to make it, just click on this button located at the bottom of the middle column in the flight screen and the power of the motor will be decreased in a slow and gently way (see how slow the throttle goes down, this is a good reference speed for you to swipe the throttle).
  • Trim: Improve the accuracy of your helicopter by using the trim buttons, if you notice that the HELO TC helicopter rotates right without you moving the joystick (make sure the joystick mode is enabled), press and hold the left trim button until rotation stops, do the same if your helicopter rotates left but this time use the right trim button. Trim is used to counteract the undesired rotation of your toy and thus improve your flight experience. In order to use the trim make sure that the helicopter is hovering several feet above the ground and don’t touch the joystick.
  • Joystick: In order to control your helicopter, use the joystick to make it move. Up and down will make the HELO TC move forward or backward respectively, whereas left and right will make the HELO TC rotate left and right respectively as well.
  • Lights: The HELO TC helicopter comes with a great lights feature, use this button to make the lights go on and see how great it looks. Using this feature in a dark room will help you to see your helicopter, besides the effect of lights will be better.

These are the features that this great app has to offer you, go though each and explore them in deep detail until you feel confident enough about what is that you are seeing, doing this will ensure that you get the best experience with your toy. You can go and look for reviews of the HELO TC helicopter and find how great this toy is; you will find that this is the gadget that you want to have to play with this year.

Do you already have the HELO TC helicopter? What has been your experience so far? Do you find the HELO TC app intuitive to use? What tips and tricks can you share with us? Let us know and leave us a comment.

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano is a successful internet publisher and an avid fan of RC toys, he loves to spend time with family and friends using these flying devices and have fun with everyone. Recently Jose opened a website called RC Hobbies on Air, where he enjoys sharing relevant information about these fascinating toys such as the Exceed RC F18, a toy that is a must if you really want a challenging experience.