The COVID-19 outbreak changed the landscape of the global economy in a matter of months. There are very few, if any, industries that hadn’t been impacted by the current state of global lockdown. Reduced movement and pauses in work mean that most people will have fewer opportunities to spend money and will do so with extra care to save more.

The vaping industry has had its ups and downs. The COVID-19 outbreak is a different beast and impacts the industry directly. Being that the virus itself attacks the lungs, it is hardly a surprise that some users might want to reduce usage – just in case. It’s the basic principle of self-preservation and good common sense.

Let’s see how the outbreak impacted the industry and what changed during the pandemic.

FDA’s stance on vaping

The initial stance that the US FDA took on vaping was that patients who have underlying conditions and vape or smoke are more prone to complications. Naturally, this initial stance echoed across the vaping community. The stance has since changed, however.

The official stance of the FDA is now that smokers are under greater threat if they contract the coronavirus. Vaping chemicals have an unknown impact on people contracting and deteriorating from COVOID-19. The official statement the agency made on April 15th, by FDA’s spokeswoman Alison Hunt, was that e-cigarettes could expose our lungs to some toxic chemicals. Still, no one can say whether it really increases the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Cigarettes cause heart and lung diseases, they can damage the immune system, and they can lead to respiratory infections. Cigarette smokers seem to have an increased risk of getting COVID-19, and the outcome in such cases appears to be worse.

Still, the damage has been done, and even without these statements from the FDA, it is only logical to expect that people will try to hold back from the consumption of substances that potentially have an impact on the lungs while this virus is raging.

As with most things these days, there is a lot of fake news across the web, even in traditional media. There are a lot of publications that want to garner traffic by simply putting COVID-19 into the title of their article. These rumors, half-truths, and speculations have also had a significant impact on the current state of the vaping industry.

The state of the vaping industry

Even though closedowns of restaurants, stores, and other retail establishments were implemented as a precautionary measure, a large number of vaping stores remain open. The reason for this is that vaping is primarily considered a way to stop smoking, and there is concern about the massive relapse for smokers if they were to shut down completely. With the lockdowns happening, products like CBDFx vape juice available online are sure to see a rise in demand.

Still, there are restrictions on services provided due to the outbreak of COVID-19. For one, you can no longer conduct flavor tests or get test equipment. This is in place to prevent loitering around vaping shops and avoid possible contamination through devices used.

You can still bring your device into a vaping shop to be correctly set up and sanitized to ensure safe use. The staff is drilled to wear safety equipment like masks and gloves and sanitize before the shift starts when handling each individual part of the stock and at the end of the shift.

Shops have also included practices of sanitizing all points of human contact. They do so throughout their work hours. In well-organized shops, the door handles are cleaned regularly, and you can be sure that you are grasping a clean surface.

Take Precautions.

If you are committed to staying in self-isolation, which is commendable, you can use online shops to get your equipment and supply. The authorities of every country highly recommend this, but be careful when receiving your equipment. Get your weed vapes from trusted sources only.

Interacting with the delivery person should be done with maximum caution and safety measures. Furthermore, disinfect all the packaging for the vaping equipment you ordered.


It only makes sense that an industry that produces products that are inhaled is going to feel the effect of the COVID-19 crisis. While not entirely stagnating, sales and consumption of vaping products and equipment have surely gone down. The industry will inevitably remain limited throughout the pandemic, but this comes as no surprise.

The situation is still in flux. We still don’t have accurate information on how COVID-19 interacts with many items in the market, and each day, scientists and doctors release new information. One thing is for certain; the vaping industry is going to suffer throughout this period, like a lot of others. All we can do is try to remain safe, take care of each other and brave throughout the period.