Did you know there are literally a million apps available to choose from for your smartphone, tablet, and now desktop?  Whew!!  Now that’s a lot to choose from.  There are applications for games to small business and anything and everything in between.  If you’re looking for a particular type of app you’re bound to find it.

With boo coo applications it is difficult to pick a small handful to tell you about, but these apps made the cut.  Here is our 2013 list for the best shopping apps.

1. The Coupon App

This app is free, easy, and popular.  Coupons are at your fingertips and saving money is as easy as a press of a finger. Thousands of coupons are offered from standard retail stores.  They’re easily redeemed simply by displaying the coupon at check out.  The app also lets you compare prices with a barcode scanner and you can search for the best gas prices around in your area.  It is highly recommended.

2. Maluuba: Siri Alternative

This is a great Android app for those who have Siri envy.  Except for being able to speak to and correspond with you, this app has everything Siri has to offer.  You can speak or type your question and it gives you an answer or takes you to Google.  It’ll make calls for you on command; it’ll tell you your local weather and has tools to make your life easier.  One of them is the shopping tool that assists you in finding the product(s) you’re looking for.  It’ll tell you where it’s available and the cost.  Maluuba has partnered with Wal-Mart and Best Buy and also gives results from other such sites as Lowes, Zappos, Amazon, and Ikea to name a few.

3. RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

The RedLaser Barcode is just about the best shopping apps out there and is available on both the iPhone and Android.  It will find the very best price offered for an item.  It searches millions of products that are found both online and locally.  It not only finds the item but gives you product description, suggests accessories, and alternative products.  It’ll show you deals and coupons offered from hundreds of U.S. stores and you’ll find fast, easy, and secure check out with certain retailors because of their small business ecommerce solutions.  The shopping app also helps you shop smart, healthy and safe!  When you scan the barcode on most foods it’ll give you nutritional facts, allergen information, and product ratings.   This is a great shopper’s tool!  A must have.   And it’s free!

4. Shopkick

The app that rewards!  Shopkick gives points called “kicks” just for stepping into a participating retail store and when a purchase is made more kicks are earned.  The kicks you earn are accrued and can later be redeemed as a discount, a gift card, at the iTune store, or on trips.  Some of the participating retail stores are Starbucks, Target, Old Navy, Macy’s, and Best Buy.  You can’t seem to go wrong with this app!

These few apps are just a drop in the bucket to what’s available.  It is estimated that both Android and Apple have 700,000 apps each, so before you spend time searching check these apps out.

Happy Shopping!