On the surface, insurance and technology don’t seem to be two things that fit together easily. After all, insurance analysis is a tradition steeped in slide-rule calculations rather than slick, power-point presentations. Even a recent report by Mobile Commerce Daily stated that most insurance companies were lagging behind modern tech trends, such as the mobile craze. And it’s true that there are still very few insurance-based mobile apps available for smartphones and tablets.

But that isn’t to say these apps are non-existent. Some very useful iPad tablet applications have sprung up recently that warrants a look from those holding insurance policies. And while many people may not feel an insurance-based mobile app can offer much in terms of practical assistance, they have yet to see how many of these apps have integrated other vital services.

And the best part is that some of them are free.

USAA — free

usaaUSAA’s iPad app allows clients to not only manage the minutia of their insurance policies, but they can  maintain their finances as well. The banking function of the app allows users to view account history, transfer funds and pay bills. The insurance function, on the other hand allows features a virtual bookshelf interface that allows for easy access to policy info.

Advanced Life Insurance Quotes – $18.99

mza_7871952501279148982_175x175-75This app is geared for financial advisors and contains a comprehensive life insurance-quote calculator. All the user has to do is input the requisite input into the app and it generates premium-cost results from multiple insurers. The app also thoroughly breaks down each result in order to provide in-depth analysis of each option.

Insurance Kit – $9.99

Another quality option for financial planners as well as insurance professionals.  This app uses cash-flow calculations to determine the rate of returns from a variety of plans, including limited payment, investment and insurance. It also makes accurate calculations for college funds, retirement plans and life insurance.

Insurance Agent HD — $8.99

This is a virtual insurance agent that allows the user to compare and contrast insurance plans in order to save the most money possible. The app produces results from all the top companies and across a variety of plans. Every major coverage type is on the table here, including:

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Auto insuranceProfessional Life Insurance Quotes — free

This is another app geared for professionals, as it provides quick and reliable data regarding life-insurance modeling. Users can instantly receive quotes from major insurers for all five major coverage types. Users can also send a summary of these quotes to clients and filter the various insurers.

LIFE Foundation Needs Calculator – free

This app targets both insurers and clients, as it helps to answer that age-old question of exactly how much life insurance a particular person needs. Indeed, one of the primary reason people don’t purchase life insurance is because they are simply unaware of the amount to purchase. This virtual calculator has clients answer a number of questions across a broad spectrum and then provides a coverage amount tailored to their needs.

These are just a few of iPad apps currently on the market that can help both insurers and clients alike. And as insurance moves further into the realm of mobile technology, look for even more efficient ways to manage coverage and access policies.

Albert Duran is a freelance writer in Phoenix, Arizona. He is an expert in financial planning. He writes mainly on term life insurance as well as Compass Quote insurance quotes.