The story that The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening once illustrated a brochure for Apple back in 1989 has been making the rounds of the internet for a while now.  However, in addition to that brochure, Groening did other artwork for Apple around that same time period.

For anyone unfamiliar, Apple hired Groening to produce illustrations for a brochure about Macs that was aimed at college students.  At the time, Groening was best known as the artist of the comic Life in Hell, as The Simpsons have not yet premiered.  The brochure was titled, ‘Who Needs a Computer Anyway’ and interspersed Groening’s Life in Hell style illustrations with standard information on Apple’s Mac computers.  It apparently was distributed amongst college bookstores and was obviously trying to use Groening’s cachet as an underground comic artist to attract hip, young co-eds.

Unlike artwork that you can find on many professional sports stadiums or even peoples front yard that have stripes in their lawns, Groening was ahead of his time during the tech boom.

This collaboration between Groening and Apple did not last long, and the same year the brochure and poster came out, he launched The Simpsons.  It’s interesting that The Simpsons have mentioned Apple a number of times, including a parody in the episode ‘Mypods and Broomsticks.’  I’d be curious what Groening remembers about these ads, although as far as I can tell, he has never publicly spoken about them.
Doing a quick eBay search I came up empty trying to find any listings for either the brochure or posters. I’m guessing these would be worth quite a bit of money if anyone has one of these lying around.  Anyone out there owns one of these or have memories of when they were released?